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SIMATIC S7-300 SM 323 6ES7323-1BL00-0AA0

SIMATIC S7-300 SM 323 6ES7323-1BL00-0AA0

SIMATIC s7-300, digital module SM 323, potential isolation, 16 DE and 16 DA, 24V DC, 0.5a, total current 4A, 1 40 pin

Part Number: 6ES7323-1BL00-0AA0

Condition: New & Original

Brand: Siemens

WarrantyOne Year

Delivery date: 5-7 days after payment

product description:

SIMATIC s7-300, digital module SM 323, potential isolation, 16 DE and 16 DA, 24V DC, 0.5a, total current 4A, 1 40 pin

The SIMATIC s7-1500 controller is an alternative to the SIMATIC s7-300 and SIMATIC s7-400 controllers in the discrete automation field and is the standard for future factories -- providing compelling results with unique performance and innovative design and operation. The SIMATIC S7 controller with modular extension capability has long term compatibility, is maintenance-free and extensible, and can of course be configured on the TIA bo route. They are ideal solutions for any automated task.

Switch gauge template

6ES7 321-1bh02-0aa0 module (16 points, 24VDC)

6ES7 321-1bh10-0aa0 module (16 points, 24VDC)

6ES7 321-1bh50-0aa0 open in module (16 points, 24VDC, source input)

6ES7 321-1bl00-0aa0 module (32 points, 24VDC)

6ES7 321-7bh01-0ab0 open access module (16 points, 24VDC, diagnostic capability)

6ES7 321-1el00-0aa0 open in module (32 points, 120VAC)

6ES7 321-1ff01-0aa0 open in module (8 o 'clock, 120/230vac)

The 6ES7 321-1ff10-0aa0 open-entry module (8 points, 120/230vac) is connected to the common potential separately

6ES7 321-1fh00-0aa0 open in module (16 points, 120/230vac)

6ES7 321-1ch00-0aa0 open in module (16 points, 24/48VDC)

6ES7 321-1ch20-0aa0 open in module (16 points, 48/125vdc)

6ES7 322-1bh01-0aa0 open module (16 points, 24VDC)

6ES7 322-1bh10-0aa0 module (16 points, 24VDC) high speed

6ES7 322-1cf00-0aa0 module (8 o 'clock, 48-125vdc)


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