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+86 13285944213 E-mail: chenfei026@163.com
SIMATIC S7-200 SMART  6ES7288-3AM03-0AA0

SIMATIC S7-200 SMART 6ES7288-3AM03-0AA0

SIMATIC s7-200 SMART, analog I/O SM AM06, 2AI/1AO, 0.. 10 v, 0.. 5 v, 0/4.. 20mA, +/ -5v, +/ -2.5v, 12 Bit resolution or 4... 20mA, +/-10V, 11 Bit resolution

Part Number: 6ES7288-3AM03-0AA0

Condition: New & Original

Brand: Siemens

WarrantyOne Year

Delivery date: 5-7 days after payment

product description:

SIMATIC s7-200 SMART, analog I/O SM AM06, 2AI/1AO, 0.. 10 v, 0.. 5 v, 0/4.. 20mA, +/ -5v, +/ -2.5v, 12 Bit resolution or 4... 20mA, +/-10V, 11 Bit resolution

6es7288-3am03-0aa0-module function solution of different pressure water supply demand in order to meet the requirement of water supply force (0.4~ 0.45mpa) lower than main net water pressure (0.8~ 0.9mpa) in some areas of the company stably and reliably, it is equipped with pressure stabilizing and reducing valve to adjust, the adjustable range is 0.1~ 0.8mpa. Since the pumping pump room is far away from the high water tank, the head of the pumping pump directly supplied to the high water tank is insufficient. For this reason, a pressurized pump room is designed at a height of 36 meters from the high water tank, with two vertical centrifugal pumps (one for use and one for backup), the motor power of which is 75KW and the head is 36 meters. Shandong perennial buy and sell second-hand chemical equipment, starch equipment, feed processing equipment, monosodium glutamate equipment, dairy equipment, starch sugar equipment, glucose equipment, coal washing equipment, beverage equipment, alcohol equipment, grease equipment sales 1-1 cubic stainless steel enamel reaction kettle, LW spiral settlement unloading centrifuge, unloading off. Qianjiang internal heated fluidized bed dryer, dry production: XLN introduction of internal heated fluidized bed dryer XLN internal heated fluidized bed drying system by hot air heating (coal, oil, gas, steam, electricity) and add the source (steam, water, heat conduction oil), internal heated fluidized bed hosts, separation device (built-in bag dust collector, the outer bag dust collector cyclone separator, external water bath dust collector cyclone separator), fan, control system, etc. Continuous or intermittent operation, suitable for batch production of dry products. Through the PLC technical transformation, the automation level and work efficiency of the equipment has been improved.


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